Questions You May Have:

What makes you different than other DJ’s?
What type of events you specialize in?
How does your pricing work?
Pricing other DJ’s I found some charge more for the same services you offer. Why do they charge so much more?
When do I pay for your services?
Do you allow clients to choose the music?
Are you the DJ that shows up?
Do you Emcee and is that included in the price?
When will you arrive to set up for the event?
Do you put up any advertisement for your company?
Guidelines when booking a DJ:
How long did it take for that DJ to return your initial call inquiring about their services?
Does the DJ have a professional license, insurance and business cards?
What if the DJ is sick on your event or wedding day? What measures are taken?
What about equipment? Is there backup in case of damage or malfunction?
What will the DJ wear?
Is the DJ’s personality appropriate to lead your guests in entertainment without being intrusive to their enjoyment?
What is the policy on sound control? Will your guests end up shouting at one another to be heard?
Does the DJ have a complete library of diverse music to fit everyone’s taste?
What kind of contract should you expect?
Does the DJ offer large discounts?
Is the DJ a specialist for weddings? Can the DJ prove it with past wedding references?

Planning your wedding from start to finish will likely seem overwhelming, but by hiring the right professionals, you can put your anxiety aside and be sure that Special Day Entertainment will provide wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Experience – Only an experienced DJ has the responsiveness of dealing with unexpected mishaps that may affect the experience of your wedding or event. You need someone that is able to handle the situation to make sure that everything goes back to plan.

Weddings- Choose your wedding entertainment wisely. Make your entertainment selection based on experience and talent first, price second. Be wary of false testimonials and credentials. The wedding industry is filled with impostors that are long on promises and short on delivery. Don’t hire entertainment that is not fully insured and registered with the state of Florida. Your wedding should never be the time to economize the entertainment.

And finally, keep in mind a Great DJ will spend a minimum of 20-30 hours on planning your event and the entertainment. (This includes meeting with you, ongoing communication, preparing music to fit your requirements, entertainments the day of, setting up/breaking down of sound, lighting and visual equipment).

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