Questions You May Have:

What makes you different than other DJ’s?
The most important thing that makes me different is that I’m not one of those “cheesy” guys that most people think of when you mention a DJ. Secondly, the amount of time I spend preparing before your big day insuring I create the most amazing event, unlike other DJs that show up and wait for you to tell them what to play, I dedicate countless hours making sure that your event goes as planned. That’s the reason we call it “Your Night”. Also, my clients always point out how easy it was to get ahold of me unlike most of their vendors.
What type of events you specialize in?
We cater to a variety of events but my specialty is weddings. The majority of my clients are weddings so I have learned with experience how much work and planning has to go in to making your big day a dream and not a nightmare come true.
How does your pricing work?
My pricing is very straightforward. The total price for your event will be clearly stated in your agreement. There will be no hidden charges on your agreement; you’re charged a flat-rate depending on the package you select.
Pricing other DJ’s I found some charge more for the same services you offer. Why do they charge so much more?
The answer is very simple, they charge high prices hoping you’ll feel that you will receive the best service if you pay more. The only thing you will feel afterwards is overpaying. You may want to keep in mind, because those DJ’s are charging hefty prices, they are not booking as many jobs as you may think, therefore having less routine experience.
When do I pay for your services?
I require a $100 retainer fee to reserve your day. Majestic package requires a $275 deposit. The balance is due at your event or sooner if you choose.
Do you allow clients to choose the music?
Absolutely! I am more than happy to play any special requests. However, my job as your DJ is to observe what your guests enjoy and play the music that keeps them on the dance floor.
Are you the DJ that shows up?
I get this question a lot! I guess that’s because a lot of DJ companies send sub-contracted, less expensive DJs to their events. Rest assured that when you hire me, I’m the DJ who meets with you initially, does all the planning and coordinating, and will be performing at your event. You’ll also know that each time you e-mail or call me it will be me and only me that you will be dealing with directly.
Do you Emcee and is that included in the price?
Great question! I do Emcee but I also may provide an additional Emcee at no additional charge. I will keep your guests informed with any announcements that need to be made throughout the evening.
When will you arrive to set up for the event?
This all depends on how much set-up is needed. I usually arrive at least 2 hours before your event is scheduled to begin, to make sure I am completely set up by the time your first guest arrives. For larger events I may need additional set-up time. I do not charge you extra for any set-up time.
Do you put up any advertisement for your company?
No way! I do not come to your event to advertise my business. Remember, this is your event so I will not post any banners or posters with my company name displayed on them.
Guidelines when booking a DJ:
When searching for a DJ, if there aren’t any clear prices for services listed on their website or recent pictures of events they performed, big red flag! You should not want to waste your time guessing what they may charge. They rather you call them to see the most you can afford before they offer a quote. At Special Day Entertainment, we are very transparent on our prices and the services we offer and have done. What are your initial impressions of the DJ? Are they articulate? Attired properly upon meeting for the first time? Does your DJ have the poise to stand in front of a big crowd and deliver as a professional DJ should? – The answer should be yes.
How long did it take for that DJ to return your initial call inquiring about their services?
If it took more than 24 hours, imagine how long it would take after you hired them, after giving them a deposit, when you need to ask a question.
Does the DJ have a professional license, insurance and business cards?
This can be clear indications between a professional and an amateur. Some venues require that your DJ have Liability insurance, you should not assume that all DJs have insurance. 
What if the DJ is sick on your event or wedding day? What measures are taken?
There should be an associate in which the hired DJ can call in a case of extreme emergency.
What about equipment? Is there backup in case of damage or malfunction?
A professional DJ must always have back up equipment on hand!
What will the DJ wear?
In most cases this means formal wear unless you prefer something else.
Is the DJ’s personality appropriate to lead your guests in entertainment without being intrusive to their enjoyment?
This is where an experienced DJ comes in. Courtesy and professional politeness is key that comes with experience when speaking to a crowd of guest.    
What is the policy on sound control? Will your guests end up shouting at one another to be heard?
Again, this is where an experienced DJ comes in. Volume control is key and the upmost importance to your guest. 
Does the DJ have a complete library of diverse music to fit everyone’s taste?
The DJ should help make recommendations with tunes and appropriate lyrics.
What kind of contract should you expect?
Look for the important parts of the contract, make sure there is a cancellation clause to protect your investment, including the date, time, locations, price, etc.
Does the DJ offer large discounts?
Use caution, there is a saying, “when it’s too good to be true it usually is”.
Is the DJ a specialist for weddings? Can the DJ prove it with past wedding references?
Always check reviews on multiple sites. Just don’t look at the good ones, check the bad ones as well. Look to see if the DJ post any up to date pictures of recent clients. keep in mind we are very transparent on our website. If you are not sure, definitely ask.

Planning your wedding from start to finish will likely seem overwhelming, but by hiring the right professionals, you can put your anxiety aside and be sure that Special Day Entertainment will provide wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Experience – Only an experienced DJ has the responsiveness of dealing with unexpected mishaps that may affect the experience of your wedding or event. You need someone that is able to handle the situation to make sure that everything goes back to plan.

Weddings- Choose your wedding entertainment wisely. Make your entertainment selection based on experience and talent first, price second. Be wary of false testimonials and credentials. The wedding industry is filled with impostors that are long on promises and short on delivery. Don’t hire entertainment that is not fully insured and registered with the state of Florida. Your wedding should never be the time to economize the entertainment.

And finally, keep in mind a Great DJ will spend a minimum of 20-30 hours on planning your event and the entertainment. (This includes meeting with you, ongoing communication, preparing music to fit your requirements, entertainments the day of, setting up/breaking down of sound, lighting and visual equipment).

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